The Sudanese Business Club is a conglomerate/lobby of elite patriotic Sudanese business men & women.
Our club combines local and expat sudanese expertise pooling in their knowledge, funds and resources that are beneficial to the club functions, their current operating businesses and future upcoming projects.

Sudanese Business Club

Digitizing is the path of growth in Sudan.

Sudanese Entrepreneurs Enterprise Club broadening all your Business and Technology Sectors.

Changes is the most difficult part but only you can face it in the beginning.



  • Consolidate all business men and women forming a sudanese business lobby
  • Pool-in Lobby/club members to share commercial/governmental resources and invest in national projects to benefit our country
  • Connect business men/women to affiliate members in a networking pool that can lead to transactions via our club
  • Election of a general assembly chaired by a periodical.
  • Ensure representation of members from all relevant bodies, trade unions and employers. To accelerate the movement of government and economic measures and they will not be members of the General Assembly.
  • Defining investment sectors, conducting studies, entering into partnerships with the government, attracting donor support, and implementing projects
  • Attracting foreign investments to the country, through international organizations, to employ youth in various sectors, under the supervision of the Sudanese Business Club.
  • Organizing exhibitions and workshops in all sectors.
  • Raise the efficiency of Sudanese youth and create youth partnerships and an empowered and professional job market.
  • Establish a strong economic and commercial network of joints and pillars that work in perfect harmony and harmony with each other and exchange information between them.

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Programming & Workflow

Using a directorial approach, we collectively programmed our agenda like a show… where we defined our end goal (last episode of the season) and programmed our way back to the first event that should lead us towards that same end goal.

We title every event from the welcome/networking event and progress from that point to club policies, procedures, function, success stories, economy awareness, investment opportunities all the way to a national investment opportunity for all members.